Demo Reel
A collection of personal and professional work. Music is Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club.
The Smithsonian Sidedoor Trailer (00:15-00:20) recently won Silver at the ONE Club Denver awards.
Available for freelance:
All projects designed and animated by me, except where noted:
00:05: Genentech Tamiflu MoA
00:08: Hibernia Express CES Video
00:09: Personal Project
00:12: Genentech Flu Facts
00:15: Smithsonian Sidedoor Trailer, design by René Moffatt
00:21: Arrow social media ad, design by me/Sharon Duke
00:22: Hallmark Snapchat ads, with Angad Medi + Bobby Spero
00:25: Smithsonian Volunteer Services video, designs by René Moffatt
00:28: Personal project
00:29: Pemex Fast Facts
00:31: Workiva Conference keynote lockup
00:34: Acuvue CES video
00:41: ASH Sickle Cell Coalition launch
00:44: That Guy Buzzed mobile game
00:45: FTC Data Security video series
00:47: FTC Data Breach
00:48: Personal Project
00:51: Genentech How the Flu Works
00:53: Ironwood Pharma, sGC MoA
00:55: Acuvue CES Video
00:58: End of Year recap video, client references removed
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